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Learning does not end when school lets out. Neither does the need for good nutrition.


 Anderson County School District Five is happy to announce that it will once again sponsor a Summer Feeding Program.  Breakfast and lunch meals are free to all students at qualifying sites.  Please check back throughout the summer, the list of open sites may change as we work together to add more locations. 


Please contact each site directly for questions or to verify operating hours.



List updated on 6/1/2020


Site Name Address Site Supervisor Contact Phone # 
Open Sites - Meals must be eaten on site      
Glenview Middle School 2575 Old Williamston Road Lisa Powers 864-260-5000 ext 50053
Lyndon's Academy 512 N. Murray Ave. Linda Fay 602-777-2570
Mt. Carmel Baptist Church 609 Clevland St. Joseph Lattamer 864-419-6400
Mt. Vernon Apartments 203 Miracle Drive Gayle Seals 864-245-4607
Westside High School 806 Pearman Dairy Road Sheron Simmons 864-260-5000 ext 10250
YMCA Kid Zone 201 E. Reed Rd. Amika Thomas 864-716-6284
Food Truck Service - Children must be present to receive meals      
Fairview Gardens 1101 Williamston Rd, Anderson Ellie Presher 864-260-5000 ext 50053
Friendship Court Apartments 719 W. Mauldin St. Ellie Presher 864-260-5000 ext 50053
Hampton Green Apartments 440 Palmetto Land Ellie Presher 864-260-5000 ext 50053
Dive-Thru Sites - Adults must provide proof of children.  Monday - Thursday 11 am to 12 pm  
Calhoun Academy of the Arts 1520 East Calhoun Street Kim Bowen 864-260-5000 ext 28510
Robert Anderson Middle 2302 Dobbins Bridge Road Tona Keaton 864-260-5000 ext 54067
Whitehall Elementary 702 Whitehall Road Alice McCullough 864-260-5000 ext. 30052
Glenview Middle School 2575 Old Williamston Road Lisa Powers 864-260-5000 ext 50053

For more information or questions regarding this program, or if you are interested in hosting a site,

please contact Quentin Cavanagh

864-260-5000 ext. 10250





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Nutritious free meals are available for children and teens 18 and younger at many locations throughout the nation throughout the summer while school is out of session. Click this link to find a site near you.


Good nutrition is essential for learning in school. Continuing healthy eating habits is also important during the long hot summer months. Eating nutritious foods helps ensure students retain their hard learned knowledge… and to help them to keep right on learning throughout the summer. For many of these children, summer vacation can bring the temptation of eating empty calorie snacks and foods that are high in sugar, fats and sodium. And for many others, summer exposes students to an increased risk of hunger and developmental decline. Make seasonal fruits and vegetables a high priority for your snacks, meals and anytime.

Summertime is a time to play hard...but it is also a time to remember to eat right. Make sure good nutrition remains a priority all summer long, and students will return to school in the Fall healthy, sharp and ready to learn.