Student Meal Accounts and Charge Policy

Student Meal Accounts

Student meal accounts can be funded through multiple methods to include cash or check (See Check Acceptance below) and Debit/Credit Card payment using online payment at It is strongly encouraged that parents/guardians make meal payments in advance. Each household is encouraged to complete a Free and Reduced Meal Application. This can be done online at or a paper application may be obtained at each school cafeteria and returned to the school cafeteria. Assistance may be available and eligible recipients will receive the regular school lunch at a free or reduced cost. For further information, contact the Food and Nutrition Services Department.

Meal Charges

Students will be allowed to charge one regular breakfast and one regular lunch meal per day. Extra sales are not allowed to be charged. No meals are allowed to be charged for the adults, visitors or staff members. Parents/Guardians will be notified weekly of students who have negative balances by phone and email using School Messenger. Letters will be sent home  two times a month for students who continue to have a negative balance.

  • If a student account reaches $15.00 of unpaid meals, the student's Principal/designee will send a letter showing charges and explaining that the debt can be turned over to a collection agency and the State of South Carolina's Department of Revenue for garnishing wages and/or income tax refund at the end of the school year if debt is not settled.
  • Students that owe $15.00 or more can only purchase extra sale items if they make a payment on their account of the same amount as the purchased item. Example: If a student purchases an ice cream for $1.00, he/she must also pay $1.00 on the negative balance.

Student Account Refunds

Parents/Guardians of students that are graduating or moving out of the district may request a refund of the student's meal account from the school cafeteria manager. The manager will verify that meal fees have been collected and will send a request to the district office for a refund. The refund will be mailed to the student's home address, unless a new address is provided at the time of of the request. Funds left in meal accounts will carry over to next year. Funds not requested by parent at the time the student graduates or leaves the District will be forfeited to the Food and Nutrition Services Department at the end of following school year.

Check acceptance Policy:

Your check is welcome at all schools in the Anderson School District Five . The Anderson School District Five recognizes that occasionally a check may be returned by your bank due to non-payment. In order to recover these funds in a private and professional manner, the Anderson School District Five has contracted with CHECKredi of Alabama, a company based in Huntsville, Al., for collection of returned checks.

Each person writing a check to a school or the School System should write the check on a commercially printed check with your name, address and one phone number. Counter  or starter checks will not be accepted. When a person writes a check to a school or the School System, the person writing the check agrees that, if the check is returned, that it may be represented electronically on the same account, and that the fee established by law, may be debited from the same account.

If the check and fee are not collected electronically, then CHECKredi will contact you by mail and by telephone in order for you to make arrangements to pay. Payments may be made to CHE8Kredi by mailing to 4925 Sparkman Drive or to P.O. Box 3829 Huntsville, AL 35810. Payments of the check and fee may be made electronically at by using a credit card, debit card, or electronic check without additional fee. For a convenience fee, payments may be made over the telephone by credit or debit card or electronic check by calling toll free (877) 524-7334.

Adopted 6/2017